The only way to grow is by being uncomfortable…

No one has ever achieved anything great by being in their comfort zone.

It is outside your comfort zone where all the magic happens. It is here we grow, it is here we learn and it is here we might find true happiness.

Only by pushing yourself you can achieve great things. So when things become uncomfortable don’t worry it means that you are doing something.

It’s like running, you never get faster running the same nice 5 km in your comfort zone each week. The only way to get faster is to do thoese uncomfortable high intense intervall training that I hate to do, but I know I need to do them in order to get faster.

The feeling of uncomfortable is a good thing

As an entrepreneur, SkyRunner and in life in general, the feeling of uncomfortable is just something you have to get used to. Because if you never take it, you will never grow. Actually it is the moments where I felt the most uncomfortable, that has been the greatest game changers in my life.

One of thoese moments where when I quit my job and started my first company together with my husband. I left something that was good and secure, for something new, unexplored and unsafe. Our financial situation weren’t very stable, and all the tasks that I needed to do in the start up were totally new to me. I did feel very uncomfortable all the time in the beginning, but I did all thoese uncomfortable things that I needed to do in order to get there. I remember all thoese sales calls that I needed to do (even though I’m not a typical sales person). I did hundreds of them (not very succesful), but finally I made it and got the hold of our first customers. And the next time it was a little bit easier and so on.

After a couple of many hard working years our business became quite stable and successful. Going to work became a habit, the job became quite easy, and I stopped challange myself enough. In other words, I was getting comfortable.

But it’s not so bad, right? I mean, I’m comfortable, so I must be happy?

If only it worked out that way. Unfortunately, the longer you stay within your comfort zone, the less happy you tend to be.

So, why do we stay within our comfort zone then? Because it takes energy to move something into action. That’s a simple fact of life. Science uses the word energy to describe the process in natural things, but when we talk about ourselves (humans), we usually just use the word motivation.

How to beat your comfort zone

The trick beating your comfort zone, is to make a habit of stepping outside of yourself and doing things that either feels very uncomfortable, scary or takes a lot of hard work.

When an opportunity presents itself, it’s probably your own fear that holds you back. That’s what we’re facing when we come up against our comfort zone.

A good way to get out of your comfort zone is to do small steps and start with anything in life. It could be anything from a sports challange that you really want to master or small daily challanges as calling a customer that you have procrasted for too long.

Anyone can get stuck in the “comfortable mode” and I’ve also been there. A couple of years ago I started to feel that my life weren’t moving forward fast enough, and I got bored. What I did then was that I started to challange myself.

First I started with a common Swedish Sport Challange “The Swedish Classics”. I made it, and my confidence grow. Then I started to believe in my self that I could accomplish more (also nice to know that I’m not totally dead by the age of 40). So my next challange became a “SkyRunning Marathon”. It’s not an easy one and it took a lot of hard work to get there.

But I did it.

At that moment I was able to feel true happiness, and the feeling inside of me that I can do anything I wan’t – GROW.

One thing led to another and finally I had collected so much of energy, courage and self-confidence to do the most uncomfortable and scariest move in my career. Leaving our baby (our first company Atrox that I loved).

The process was quite painful, but now when I moved on to a new unexplored future, it feels good and I’m on it again. Actually I’ve been missing the excitiness of the “start up feeling”, and  now I’m looking forward to new adventures with my new company SkyRunner.

Kia fjällmaraton 43 km målgång 2018
Kia fjällmaraton 43 km 2018 Katinka Nyberg

Keep taking steps

Lessons learned from this is to always keep moving taking steps. Make a list of all the things you like to do, and start doing them. By doing that simple task, and stepping outside your comfort zone more often, you gain the energy and confidence that is necessary in order to take a bigger step forward and step further outside of your comfort zone. Once you’ve done this, pick another item on your list. Do this until you feel confident enough to finally talk to that person (or whatever that thing is for you).

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be built up like a muscle – the more you do it, the easier it becomes (becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable).

Keep challange your self

Keep challange your self, and your life will be so much more fun and interesting. Keep trying new things and you will notice that each time it will get easier and easier.

I have small kids (twins 7 year old), that started to play hockey last year. I taught it looked fun and I wanted to be a part of it as a coach and a trainer (I realized that my other option was to spend my next 10 years outside the icehockey rink freezing).

The problem was that I have never played hockey myself, and I wasn’t very good in ice skating. And for you guys that have kids that play hockey I’m sure you know that it’s quite much “the hockey dads world”, consisting of men that has been playing icehockey in their younger age, and that are very good at it.

Katinka Nyberg, Värmdö Hockey Sweden
Katinka Nyberg, Värmdö Hockey Sweden

But I’ve been stubborn and I have tried to hang out in the skating rink for some time now, even though I have sometimes felt very uncomfortable with the feeling that I don’t belong on the ice.

After 6 month on the ice with the kids I got a question if I wanted to play in the ladies team, and I took the oppertunity and said yes.

I have played for a couple of months now and it’s a lot of fun and I’m getting better and better. My next goal is to be in the team for real and play in a real game. And the best part of it is that I will be able to coach my daughters hockey team, even when they grow older and get better.

It’s a great feeling that you can actually learn new things (even a whole new sport) at age 44, and I’m glad I took this opportunity.

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

It’s your comfort zone — and stepping outside of it that is key to discovering your passion, accomplishing your goals, and finding true happiness.

Success is awarded to those of us who aren’t afraid to do the hard work, and to do what feels uncomfortable at the time.

Honestly… I can say from my personal experiences that true growth pretty much requires a constant state of being uncomfortable.

You can do it if you want it enough!

With this blog I like to encourage people to achieve more and be an inspiration for others.

Read the first blog post and how I got myself info SkyRunning…

Many people want. But a few do it ….

This is what the blog is all about…

/Katinka Nyberg



All of the Inspiration and Motivation You Will Ever Need

Where there’s no will, there’s no way. One of the best ways to improve your personal growth is to master your own motivation and find your inner drive.

If you learn how to master your inner motivation, you will also learn how to deal with all the setbacks in life, as well as inspire yourself to always find a way forward, creating new experiences for yourself, and follow your dreams.

Some people just do it

Some individuals seem to be more motivated than others to put all their resources down to reach their goals. Elite athletes as well as entrepreneurs and careerists are examples of this.

They seem to be ready to make a little more effort than the average fellow human beings in order to achieve their goals and self-realization.

They don’t need anyone telling you what to do, they don’t need anyone checking your homework and they don’t need any “likes” in order to go to the gym. They just do it.

Whys that? And how comes so many people are giving up on their training ambitions?

Finding your inner drive

Finding your inner drive is about finding your inner motivation “Internal motivation”.

Internal motivation is the motivation that comes from the inside, usually enhanced by the reward that the activity itself provides. It can be as simple as moving fast forward when running. It can also be about the feeling of mastery, development, joy or happiness that the activity gives you. A person who has the inner motivation wants to perform an activity for the sake of the activity.

External motivation is the type of motivation that comes from external circumstances, something from outside that is perceived rewarding. The simplest and most common example of this is getting money to exercise a task. Other examples of external rewards that can serve as motivation are status, recognition, praise, prizes, benefits and “Likes”.

When you find true happiness in doing something you probably found your inner motivation and inner drive.

Consistency is the key to accomplishments

When you found your inner drive, it will probably be easier to do things, even the days when you don’t feel like it. Consistency is the key to many accomplishments in life, whether it’s in sport, business, or in your personal life.

Sometimes, no matter how important your goals are to you, it’s a struggle to bring your best effort to your gym session (or work up the motivation to make it happen at all). But whether you’re trying to lose weight, train for a race, keep your stress in check, or any of the other worthwhile reasons to make fitness a part of your life, staying consistent is the key, even when you really, really, really don’t feel like it.

Found true happiness in SkyRunning

When I run my second SkyRunning Marathon mastering the last mountain I got this feeling of true happiness as you rarely feel in the present.

So, now even if the summer SkyRunning season seems quite far away from now, I feel more motivated than ever. Running in the snow 🙂

This is what happend and how a made up my mind actually doing a change of direction in my own life. Many people want. But a few do it.

Katinka Nyberg, Åre SkyRunning Marathon 2018, Sweden
Katinka Nyberg, Åre SkyRunning Marathon 2018, Sweden

/Katinka Nyberg

7 Steps How to Achieve Higher Goals

There is a major difference between setting goals and achieving goals. Setting a goal is the start of a journey. Achieving a goal is the beginning of your next journey.

Believe me. I know what I’m talking about. I have both failed big times and succeeded quite well achieving higher goals. I have managed to start new journeys, and I know what it takes to make a change of direction in life.

The 7 Step plan is primary a product from “My own entrepreneurial journey”, but it also comes out of research from books and the internet, and should not be taken for a scientific study…

Step 1 – Getting the right people on board

Getting the right people on board is essential and one of the most important factors in order to run a successful business, achieving higher goals.

One of the main reasons why we finally succeeded was that we were a good team that sticked together in good times and in bad times, all the way till the end. As I see it, we have been acting like a well composed football team, where I’ve been trying to lead the team in the way as a great football trainer would have done.

In other words. We had a good mix of competences in the team with a tight management group that complemented each other well.

Step 2 – Look back and evaluate together

If you have a history together it’s a good start to look back and evaluate together. What went wrong and why, what went right and why and so on.

A good entrepreneur does many mistakes. A great entrepreneur only does the same mistake ones!

Step 3 – Get extremely clear about what it is you want

Be specific and think through what you really want. Make sure that you do this exercise together with your inner team, and make sure that all of you agree about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY’S AND HOW. When you set a meaningful goal and then get extremely clear about those questions, an incredible transition can begin to take place.

One of the main reasons why we failed the first time was that we weren’t experienced enough and didn’t do our homework thoroughly enough.

The second time when the same (but 5 year more experienced team) sat up a business plan and new goals, we focused a lot more on this step. We talked a lot about the WHY’s and found a deeper and greater meaning with our business. And that quality made “5-year business plan” actually hold for 5 years and we finally reached our common goal.

Step 4 – Create your game plan for success

This part of the process can drastically increase your chances of achieving your most audacious goals. After you get extremely clear about your goal, create a list of everything that you have to do in order to achieve that goal.

One key ingrediency of our plan was all the work and energy that we put into the Business Modell and the Automation part. We put a lot of focus on this one question. How are we going to make money, have happy customers, and happy staff in the long run perspective?

Step 5 – Communicate your vision and plan

Every single person in the team needs to understand and be a part of the vision, the plan and the journey. That incorporates all the staff, customers, partners and other important people around you. Especially important is it that your team really believe in what they are doing and are as motivated as you are in order to do a great job, working towards the great goal, every day.

Step 6 – Take massive action every day

Every single person in the team needs to take massive action every day in the right direction working towards your common goal. That means that everybody needs to learn how to prioritize, and how to be in control of their own agenda.

For example.) You come to work starting to read your email, and you start to do all the things that other people tell you to do. Even worse, you might like it because you get “likes”. You have then fallen into the trap letting someone else controlling your agenda, and you might not spend your time doing what you were supposed to do, and you don’t even reflect over which task was the most important.

In the end of the day you have ended up doing nothing that impacts your greater goal. If you have for example 12 employees with that “way of working” you will probably never reach your higher goals.

So, it is definitely here you should put most of your energy as a leader. Keep motivating, inspiring and coaching your staff in how to move forward every single day by planning and prioritising their time.

Step 7 – Never give up and start again

The experience of failing is definitely a good thing to have with you and is for sure better than no experience at all. Now your chances are also more than ever to start over again with a blank sheet of paper.

Out of my own experience our first common failure was one of the secret ingrediencies to our second success, and finally reaching the goal was for me personally a starting point of a new and exciting journey.

Read more about my entrepreneurial journey and how it all started in “My true entrepreneurial story”.

/Katinka Nyberg

Many people want. But a few do it ….

This blog is not all about SkyRunning, allthough SkyRunning is the thing I love to do right know. This blog is about getting what you want, take control, and set the direction of your own life.

Many people want to do lots of things in their lives. But only a few do it.

What is it that suddenly there is someone from a poor society that stands out from the crowd and finally ends up as the president of the United States?

Sorry. I don’t have the secret key here. But I think that part of this is faith, personal leadership and about making choises. When you know what you want, you made your choice and made up your mind, your personal leadership and your own fear will probably be your biggest enemies.

The fear of failure. The fear of standing out from the crowd, your friends and your family. The fear of leaving something that feels safe.

On top of that comes the inability to change old deep-rooted habits and fall for short-term rewards, instead of doing what’s best for you, your family and our common world in the the long run.

So, have you ever asked yourself the question.

What is it right now that I mostly like to do?

A healthier lifestyle, traveling the world, spending more time with your kids, a new job, being good in a sport, making more money, have a great social life etc. All of us wants different things in life, and only you can decide for yourself what is good for you.

I have asked myself the question a couple of times, and sometimes when I’m very serious about something I try to follow my instinct and just do it.

So. What is it right now that I mostly like to do?

By the end of 2016, when I’ve just finished a *Swedish classic, I by a coincident saw a video of SkyRunning at FaceBook. And I taught. Wow. This looks so awesome, I have to do this. And the week after I was signed up for the next *SkyRunning Marathon in Åre, Sweden.

Ten months later I finished the race as planned together with my brother, and we scored as the last participants. Our time was not very good and my body has never been in worse shape. A couple of hours later when we were going to have dinner together with our friends, they couldn’t help laughing at my funny way of walking. I looked like a misery and could not even walk straightup.

Nevertheless, it was a fantastic experience. Just the feeling of coping with such a big challenge, climbing the mountains and being involved in such an adventure was something totally new to me.

So I taught to myself. I have to do this again.

A week later I was signed up for the 2018 race. This time I knew what it was all about, and I was so much more prepared. The race went quite well and I almost accomplished my goal 7:45 and finished the race at 7:49 (which was an hour better than the year before). The race was a pleasure all the way through. The feeling of running downhill very fast with full focus and control, was like living in the moment for real.

All the work I put in to this was absolutely 100% worht it, and for sure it was one of the best days in my life (except for the day when I got married to Fredrik and when my 7 year old twins Tom and Matilda  were born).

Then I knew it. This is what I want to do. I want to do more of this. I want to do international Skyrunning races, climb in higher mountains, and visit all types of countries and environments. In this I also like to involve my family and bring them around the world, keep them active and climb, walk, ride and run in all those fantastic environments and mountains.

But is this possible? I’m 44 years old, work full time and have 2 active 7 year old twins that do all kinds of different sports, where I’m involved as a parent and a trainer.

That’s what we’ll see, and for sure I will try 110%.

Kia fjällmaraton 43 km målgång 2018
Kia fjällmaraton 43 km 2018 Katinka Nyberg, Finisher

You can do it if you want it enough!

With this blog and all the challenges I’m facing, I wanna proof to myself and others that almost anything is possible.

I like to Inspire people to get what they want, reach their dreams, and run faster.

This is what the blog is all about…



* The Swedish classic is a sports challange where you in a year do 4 races in different disciplines. One race of running (30 km), swimming in open water (3 km), skiing (90 km), cycling 300 km.  (This sport is often exercised by Swedish middle-aged men with a 40 years old crisis).

* Definition of SkyRunning Marathon is a that the race has a minimum distance 30 km and under five hours’ winner’s time. Minimum 2,000 m vertical climb. Source International Skyrunner Federation.


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